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the joy of css sprites

Been having some fun with CSS sprites lately.

Here is on I did based on a doodle: spinning head.

It’s fun coming up with the offset to make the animation work!

The other day, I also played with the glitch developer api to make this goofy thing based off the example code: glitch demo.

If you put in ur player code, you can see ur guy pop in there!


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animatron: isometric sprite rendering script

Ok… I actually wrote this a while ago, but after seeing fambros’APC… I realized I needed to incorporate it into the blender UI.

Check it out:

Just drop into ${HOME}/.blender/scripts

Then you can open a “Script Window” and select it from Scripts -> Render -> Animatron.

Here are some sample from a project I’m working on now:

Of course this is just 1 direction, the point of the script is to provide 360 carved into a # of directions.

Anyhoo… my python is getting a little less ridiculous.

I think this should be true isometric now… based on stuff from wikipedia and stuff

Character Demo

Here is an initial demo. There are some minor cropping issues in a few actions / directions.

update 2010.09.18: another angle correction

As I started to use the script to render tiles, I realized something was not quite right. The tops aren’t squished properly! I compared the results to Tom Gersic’s efforts and the error is obvious:

So what was the dealio? It has to do with the nutty way spherical coordinates are defined: azimuth v/s inclination. Basically, I needed to subtract theta from 90 degrees. If you think about it, people using 45 degrees don’t have to deal with the issue, since 90 – 45 = 45, but since I used the kooky 35.264 (???) I was off quite a bit. Anyway… it is fixed now. But… I have to re-render all the character animations… šŸ˜¦

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