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The New Face of Skooma Addiction

My name is Brian and I’m a skooma addict. Ok, maybe not really… But really!

In reality, I’m an RPG addict.

It all started in my tweens playing Tunnels of Doom, for 6, 8 and 12 hour stretches on the TI-994a.

Carefully holding the serial cable into the cassette player… hoping it would get a complete load… Come, on, baby… come on…

That was how it started, followed by Phantasie, Bard’s Tale, Ultima and a host of others.

Then came the Legend of Zelda… and the marathon play on a borked, borrowed copy of Z2 where you couldn’t save you game…

What was that sega junk called? Fantasy Star 2? Crimson Blade? It’s kinda hazy…

Then I hit that Ultima Underworld! Tiny window of 3d? So what! It’s freaking free rotation 3d! OMFG! (Bag full of bags’s anyone? Yeah, that’s right! tree structure inventory management!).

Ultima Underworld was actually the first RPG I played all the way thru on the PC!

But nothing prepared me for Arena! Arena!

Arena was the second PC-based RPG I finished. Me and my buddy, Andy(-pandy-cotton-candy), played that junk for hours! Days! Weeks!

Skill-based-awesome! Climbing up on rooftops! Full-screen-3d-amazingness!

Bethesda had done an incredible job!

Oh how I was jonesing for Daggerfall! Graphics got a huge ++ and the world was freakin’ huge and dotted with towns and cities. Again, days and days, weeks and weeks of my life gone! But I did eventually kick the habit.

Battlespire the oregano of the series. It was what we call and Action-RPG, and as much as I tried to get into it, it couldn’t hold a candle to the ID Software guys stuff at the same time… The environment was also too limited and focused for my tastes. But I understood… it was a throw away using the old engine to keep the cash flowing so the Bethesda guys could keep it goin’… to get the good stuff back out on the street!

Morrowind was a return to the pure! This time the world was hugemongous! But the very hugeness of it made the Ashlands feels deserted and eventually caused te whole world to feel colld and dead… Where was the freakin’ multiplayer?

So… I MMORPG’d with Guild Wars and romped and romped. And then romped some more! Till eventual burn out months and months later.

Final Fantasy online with my bro! Hmmm… farming and crafting feels a lot like work… coordinating parties is too much like high school…. yawn…

WOW! I have done a huge PASS! I know it’s awesome! No need to tell me! But I have a family to consider! I cannot start on that junk! I will never leave the house (physically) again!

So what am I doing riding the pony again? Oblivion? WTF? It’s just too… much… fun…

Running 12-16 hour days on the weekend! 6-8 hours during the week! Wasn’t I supposed to call some buddy? Was there some place I was supposed to be? Did I forget to fix that thing? Wasn’t I going to write some more crap blog?

I know… I know… I can’t quit anytime… I’m junkie.

I’ll put some character junk up eventually…


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