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free this speech!

sic semper tyrannis
Have you seen this freakin’ outrage

When I heard this story, I could not believe it! How can something like this happen in what is supposed to be the land of the free?! Watching it again now, I have crossed over from disbelief to super pissed!

Look at these fat bastards! This is exactly what 1984 was talking about. Check out the sanctimonious nonsense!

They have to make up the charges later. Because dude was not doing anything illegal.

Turns out, just trying to do your job is now illegal! If your jobs is to show the $$$ side of the political circus.

I guess part of me has to laugh to think anyone could be so naive… but the rest of me is just enraged!

Check out the justice and how they run it!

Is it just me? Isn’t this nuts? Maybe it’s just me… I’m shocked.

Here’s another the video.

You know what would be funnier than hell? Ask Obama or McCain what they think of this sh!t!

I know… the video really says it all… you can hear that “boo” at the end? I hope that’s Obama booing this… I hope it’s McCain… Somehow… kinda doubt it.


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