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mac port stuff broke svn

So… today I was trying to install some junk with mac port with no luck (ended up getting the source myself and compiling it).

As a parting gift, it broke subversion for me:

$ svn status
dyld: Library not loaded: /opt/local/lib/libaprutil-1.0.dylib
  Referenced from: /opt/local/bin/svn 
  Reason: Incompatible library version: svn requires version 5.0.0 or later, but libaprutil-1.0.dylib provides version 4.0.0
Trace/BPT trap

Great! Getting stuff done at work is overrated… instead maybe I can spend 20-30 minutes trying to unfck this!

Eventually, I came across enough hints to run this magic:

$ sudo port -R upgrade gettext

Now svn worked, but complained:

$ svn status
svn: E155036: Please see the 'svn upgrade' command
svn: E155036: Working copy '/Users/username/src/co/work/xo/some-stuff' is too old (format 10, created by Subversion 1.6)

Interestingly… in shells that were started before the port shenanigans, the output from “svn –version –quiet” says “1.6.16” and new shells say “1.7.8”

Now all I have to do is run “svn upgrade” in any directories I checked out with the 1.6 version…

Hope this helps someone…


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mac port problem: dyld: Library not loaded: /opt/local/lib/libintl.8.dylib

So… I updated mac ports and it went batsh!t insane and everything broke:

derp[10:14:40]: git init
dyld: Library not loaded: /opt/local/lib/libintl.8.dylib
  Referenced from: /opt/local/bin/git
  Reason: image not found
Trace/BPT trap

well done!

Luckily… some other apps had this missing bullsh!t installed (locate ftw) so I was able to “fix” it with this:

sudo cp -i /Applications/ /opt/local/lib/libintl.8.dylib



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