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haxe ragdoll physics

I had always thought about physics simulation in a particular fixed way. Even though I knew games physics were not physic simulations. Happily, the other day I was looking for information on Skeletal Animations, I got a pointer to Advanced Character Physics which talked about a best-effort relaxation algorithm that got me really excited!

I know… but it did. Yes, I’m that guy.

The article is super clear and finally I got it.

But why bore you with the details of my implementation, when I can bore you with my demo instead!

rag it out

rag it out

Did you miss the link?


you want it? you got it!

% svn checkout brianin3d-stickler-read-only
% cd brianin3d-stickler-read-only/
% haxe compile.hxml

Pull up stickler.swf in your browser and rag it out!


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