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basic work out gear

Here are a few things that are useful for the gym.

What to wear:

  • t-shirt or tank top (sexy ladies only, plz!)
  • shorts
  • sports bra (do I need to say “for the ladies” on this?)
  • tennis shoes
  • socks
  • bandana / dew rag / headband / etc for sweat management
  • weight lifting gloves

You’ll also want to carry these with you while working out:

  • water bottle
  • handle towel (for sweat)

In my gym, there are paper towels + spray to wipe down equipment after use.

Other random things you’ll need are:

  • a gym bag
  • plastic shopping bag(s) for wet workout clothes
  • lock for your locker

For shower time, you’ll need:

  • shower shoes (flip flops, etc)
  • towel
  • deodorant
  • brush / comb / etc
  • whatever random grooming junk you need

If you have a lot of junk for the locker room, you might want a separate bag for toilletries.

A few odds and ends that may be useful:

  • acetaminophen, etc
  • icy-hot stuff
  • arnica stuff, etc

Depending on what you are doing, you might consider some entertainment options:

  • mp3 player + headphones
  • kindle / magazines (mostly for slack cyclist types)

If you go to the gym before work, you will probly want to bring your work clothes on a hanger. I usually leave my work shoes (which are very easy to forget) in the trunk and walk out in my gym shoes. Then I swap bags and change shoes. For some reason, carrying shoes is annoying unless you have a huge gym bag (which is also a pain).

Anyway… that’s all I can think of right now…


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