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10 letter words with no duplicate letters

egrep '^[a-z].{9}$' /usr/share/dict/words \
| awk '{ 
    ok = 1; 
    for ( i=1; i<=length($0); i++) { 
        c = substr( $0, i, 1 );  
        if ( counts[ c ] ) { 
            ok = 0; 
        counts[ c ] = 1;
  if ( ok ) print $0;
  delete counts; 

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copy paste on mac blows

Thinking of a song to the tune of “kharma chameleon” like:

Copy, copy, copy, copy, copy and paste ;
It comes and goes, it comes and goes.
Thought it would be easy to copy paste on mac in my dreams,
I use words obscene, I rant and scream.

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jar xf to the rescue

Sometimes I have to open some honking 4gb+ zip of vm junk and zip acts like a freaktard…

B U S T E D ! ! !

% unzip
Archive:  /home/brian/
warning [/home/brian/]:  787777765 extra bytes at beginning or within zipfile
  (attempting to process anyway)
error [/home/brian/]:  start of central directory not found;
  zipfile corrupt.
  (please check that you have transferred or created the zipfile in the
   appropriate BINARY mode and that you have compiled UnZip properly)


% jar xf
# go have a coffee...

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quality is job 1

Ever notice the world seems to work like this?

job[ 1 ] = quality;
for( i = 0 ; i < job.length ; i-- ) job[ i ]();

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what I saw and what I thought

Ok… so I was drving in this morning and I saw a kooky bumpersticker like this:

Immediately two things popped into my head:

1) drill here in the middle of the Kimbell Bridge Road in Alpharetta, GA? WTF?!


the urge for juvenile humor… man! Feels good to get that out!

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then again maybe I won’t…

I got bummed cuz I couldn’t put everything I wanted to put out on wordpress… So… I put all my demos over on appspot and moved to blogpsot

But… I still think wp is neato! And so I plan to start posting more excitement!

I know… you’re welcome!

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slow ssh under ubuntu fix

Oh, the grinding and gnashing of teeth! My ssh to various boxes was redonkulously slow… I finally realized… it was just me… or rather just my ubuntu… or actually… just the ssh_config for my ubuntu…

Thanks to ssh -v, I saw:

debug1: Authentications that can continue: publickey,gssapi-with-mic,password
debug1: Next authentication method: gssapi-with-mic
debug1: Unspecified GSS failure.  Minor code may provide more information
No credentials cache found

debug1: Unspecified GSS failure.  Minor code may provide more information
No credentials cache found

which made me say: wtf is gssapi-with-mic? After some digging, I found this crap in /etc/ssh/ssh_config:

GSSAPIAuthentication yes

I changed it to

GSSAPIAuthentication no

check the difference:

% time ssh some_host echo GSSAPIAuthentication yes
GSSAPIAuthentication yes
real    0m15.398s
user    0m0.028s
sys     0m0.004s
% time ssh some_host echo GSSAPIAuthentication no
GSSAPIAuthentication no
real    0m0.364s
user    0m0.028s
sys     0m0.008s

The math sez it’s about 42x faster with that dumb junk turned off!


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