what your parents never told you about planet ass

A while back (June of 2010), I had some fun writing a little screensaver for my mac. I was really surprised how easy it was versus other platforms I’d tried before (windows and linux).

Writing a program that will run as a screensaver is really operating system specific and it was cool the mac was so ez!

My original effort was pretty lame, but got the plumbing and the openGL and I always meant to get back to it.

The other day, I wrote a small shell script around my old project which would use it as a template to create a new screensaver:

$ ./new_mac_screen_saver.sh PlanetAss

This is how Planet Ass was born!

It’s checked into github if you want to fool with it

I put up a build of it, but dunno exactly where it can run… I works on my 10.6.8 intel guy…

It’s there is you wanna fiddle with it / use it! Have fun!


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