animated gif of rotating earth via povray

Since I started working on the GeoDNS project, I’ve really started thinking globally.

One result of this was a desire to find an animated gif of rotating earth. I was sort of surprised that this was more difficult that I expected.

I decided to hit it up with povray, and midnightkite’s page was really helpful.

I wrapped up a small script and pov bits to render some spinning globes at different resolutions. Sadly the antialiasing didn’t work out for some reason.

 % svn checkout 
 % cd just_earth
 % ./

(Hmmm… the weak css cut off the url: )

Here are the results:


Note… the 800×800 may not spin 4u on this page, but it will if you open it in another tab and trim off the “?w=480” junk…

src L_ ! /\/ |< z



  1. Gibbins Howard said

    Great animations, the only problem is that the earth is rotating the wrong direction. If there is anyway you can correct this it would be appreciated.

  2. brianin3d said

    Oopsie… For the fix, I changed this line in just_earth.pov: rotate < 0, 360 – 360 * clock ,0 >

  3. Gibbins Howard said

    Thanks, much appreciated.

  4. travis said

    I’d like to show this in powerpoint. But when i copy it,
    it ends up as just a .gif static picture. How can i
    get it to keep the spin?

  5. brianin3d said

    First, make sure it is still animated by trying to open your local copy in your browser.

    If it’s not, let me know.

    According to this random post animated gifs may appear static in “design mode”, but work in “slideshow mode”.

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