greetings, darkness! mine ancient chum!

I don’t like my terminals the way I like my coffee.

My coffee I want “Blonde and sweet”, my terminals are dark as pitch.

When I go on the internets, which I do more and more these days, the glaring black-text-on-white-background is like coming into the bright glaring light of day.

My eyes! The light, it burnses!

Greasemonkey, you say? Why don’t mind if I do!

Happily, Gina Trapan has already wrapped this retina saving stuff up in a tasty gm-candy-shell!

Ah…. the darkness… It’s funny though.. what will happen when I hit some sanely colored white-on-black themed page?

Well, then I will hit my handy “invert lightness” buttton from Jesse Ruderman and return to the cave.


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