styling gnuplot

So… I like gnuplot a lot, but out of the box, it looks terrible.

I mean it looks great as far as informational use, but not so great for the sexy, sexy.

I don’t really get that into it, but it doesn’t make the same splash as some goofier js toolkits, etc.

So… I went thru tons o’ dox, turned to svg terminal and did some minor post production work with a script

% for f in min max mean ; do grep -w ${f} test* ; done | awk '{print $NF > $1}'
% TITLE="Time Ranges by Test Run" XLABEL="Test Run" YLABEL="Time in Seconds" \ min mean max 

That first crazy line gets the min,max and mean from the test file and splits each one out into a separate file (thx awk!)



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