making m2 salad

Irrelevant Silliness

So… I’m a vim hold out. I still care deeply about emacs and it’s spawn being defeated once and for all.

Which means I don’t really like bloated IDE’s like Eclipse…. which makes me a pariah… which means people whisper and plot against me behind my back…

And… they’re always out to get me… and…

Ahem… sorry, about that… Like I was saying….

Which means I prefer to write a lot of tools and utilities to provide the sort of out-of-the-box functionality other people are perfectly happy to point and click thru with their brains in the neutral gear.

It’s part of a sickness I have… and I am going to confess it here on the internet: I love programming computers.

I know, I know… appalling! The gall! But there it is! My dirty little secret!

So what have I brewed up this time?

You know that functionality which lets you see right click and see methods, etc in Eclipse?

I thought it would be nice to have something like it for the CLI where I can use grep the way the Lawd intended. Here is the soup-to-nuts for nuts.

Finally he gets to the point

m2_cp.txt is older than pom.xml... rebuilding m2_cp.txt
m2_soup.txt is older than m2_cp.txt... rebuilding m2_soup.txt
m2_salad.txt is older than m2_soup.txt... rebuilding m2_salad.txt

Zounds! So I wrote 2 new scripts: and

Like, each produces a file named X.txt with some junk in it.

Here is the breakdown:

m2_cp.txt      colon separated list of the jars maven uses
m2_soup.txt    list of all the classes defined in the m2_cp.txt jars
m2_salad.txt   javap of all the classes listed in m2_soup.txt

These along with the standard UNIX CLI utils provides the same sort of handy lookup funtionality, where it belongs: in the CLI, not in the editor.


Well… OK, maybe it could live in the editor too if it was slim-and-fast and minimalist…

I’ve really enjoyed the vim plugin supertab for tab completion.

Part of the challenge of integrating it with the output from the scripts is to make the completion be contextual… Which means a plugin would have to have some notion of the program semantics.

For example, it would need to know that a piece of text was a variable and what it’s type was so it could lookup the appropriate methods.

Not easy, but I’m a big believer in the 90/10 rule.

Alternatively… what other sort of useful development application could be written leveraging this info?

Good times… good times…


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