pull analytics “site search terms” with google data api

I’d heard about the google data api, but up until recently hadn’t found much practical use for it.

Suddenly I needed to pull back the top search terms for a site monitored by google analytics. The default view only shows 500 at a time. Granted this accounted for 30% of the “unique searches’, but I wanted to see a bit more.

Though it was sort of hard to find, I used the example script dataFeed.sh to retrieve the top 10k search terms.

The script wants you to set the variables for username/password and “PROFILE_ID” The value for this last is the id=xxxx in the url when you cruise around the analytics site.

Rather than read thru the quirky documentation as to what dimensions and metrics were available, I used the Data Feed Query Explorer to find the values instead:


curl $feedUri -s --header "Authorization: GoogleLogin $googleAuth"

Despite the max-results of 40k, it looks like there is a max of 10k, which is fine.

All in all, pretty ez. Digging it all up.. sort of sucked.

Hence the write up… hope it helps some buddy!


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