A* gets the Gold Star

While working on my RPG, I developed a number of ideas for how to make “AI” to go towards things, but I realized that I also needed a “perfect” solution as well.

It’s somewhat acceptable for monsters to get stuck on walls or confused about tracking you down, after all the undead have half rotten zombie brains and lizard men never place very high in the spelling bee (is that racist?). So it makes sense they would get tweaked out occassionally.

So when is it not ok to have imperfect pathing? When the user clicks on a spot on the board, they expect their guy to walk there. If not, it really breaks the illusion that the little guy on the screen is them and suddenly you have the suck.

Luckily A * (pronounced “A star”) is really easy to implement and does a good job of getting from point A to point B.



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