Yahoo’s “Search Submit Basic” is a total freakin’ rip!

A while back, I stumbled across Yahoo’s “Search Submit Basic” and (though I notice the service description has changed now), it claimed that any urls you submitted would get “crawled” and “indexed”

Well… what it turns out to really mean is you give them $49 to do what Google Analytics does for free.

Save your time and money… it is a total scam.

I’m not sure what the legitimate use for such a crap service would be but if you are trying to get web pages indexed this is not it.

Of course, I’m sure Yahoo’s not really trying to defraud anyone… and the language on the description of service are much better now, but still… $49 would have payed for a lot of s3…

The bottom line is I don’t really mind so much and I wouldn’t mention it, but I don’t want my previous reference to be taken as an endorsement.

Save your money.


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