looking up jars by sha1sum on xm l.jar-czar.com

update: there is now an easier way to do this as a js widget!

% sha1sum jcr-1.0.jar
% sha1sum *.jar | sed 's,\([^ \t]*\) *.*,\1 \1,;s,^...,&/,;s,/...,&/,;s, ,/,;s,.*,http://xml.jar-czar.com/pub/&-jar-czar.xml,'
% alias sha1_to_jar_car="sed 's,\([^ \t]*\) *.*,\1 \1,;s,^...,&/,;s,/...,&/,;s, ,/,;s,.*,http://xml.jar-czar.com/pub/&-jar-czar.xml,'"
% sha1sum *.jar | sha1_to_jar_car

using search on jar-czar

Just plugin the sha1 into the url pattern: http://www.jar-czar.com/search?type=sum&text=SUM

ie, http://www.jar-czar.com/search?type=sum&text=000e21736b021c1f6033e6cd1484f504176069b4

It also works for md5sums too: http://www.jar-czar.com/search?type=sum&text=31f97f979d99308b6530b93338ca3b01


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