Ok, maybe not, but I did win a little cash price for a “GAP“.. I know, I know… I didn’t name the contest, I just submitted a winning entry.

Congratulations! Sun Microsystems is pleased to inform you that you have been selected as a 
potential winner in the GlassFish Community Innovation Award Program. If your entry is verified, 
as explained below, and you are confirmed to be an eligible entrant, you will be entitled to receive 
a cash prize in the amount of $313.00 less applicable withholdings.

I know! “potential winner” Gee + Fancy!

It’s still pretty cool, to get payed for something I was going to anyways

The bug I found in Glassfish was pretty obscure: WebSecurityManager.checkPermission NPE with custom JACC impl, and pretty boring even though it may sound exciting since it was in tehe security infrastructure, I can’t think of any possible way it could be exploited even if it wasn’t already patched.

Still… I’m pretty happy about it. Not only have I gotten a ton of use out of Sun’s really superior application server Glassfish. Now they are even paying me to use it!

Top that JBOSS! Send me $$$!!! You too WebSphere! Where is my $$$???


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