Amazon S3 Library for SOAP in Java


After trying to run the code based on this blog, it suddenly just doesn’t work!

Recommend you look at JetS3t which provides a nice wrapper around the S3 SOAP stuff.

The main reason not to the S3 SOAP directly is because signing requests is a complete pain in the ass.

Woe is me!

After looking a lot of tools, I decided I need to write a one-off for my application to update ACL’s. All the tools I found wanted to pull back every ACL and update it! I want all my keys in this part of my bucket to have the same ACL.

I tried to use the wsimport’d library, but…. The SOAP 1.1 request is missing a security element
    at $Proxy33.getObjectAccessControlPolicy(Unknown Source)
    at us.versus.them.jarczar.publisher.AppTest.testApp(

OSS to the Rescue

I cursed and cried and then found the Amazon S3 Library for SOAP in Java. The only bit I really wanted was which takes care of the blasted authentication nonsense.

Compiling s3-example-libraries

Compiling it was fun:

% javac -d out $( find com -name "*.java" ) -classpath ${HOME}/.m2/repository/org/codehaus/castor/castor/1.2/castor-1.2.jar:${HOME}/.m2/repository/org/apache/axis/axis/1.4/axis-1.4.jar:${HOME}/.m2/repository/com/sun/javaee/javaee/5.0/javaee-5.0.jar
% jar cf  s3-example-libraries.jar -C out .
% 1.0.0 s3-example-libraries.jar

Using it

Using it was trivial:

import com.amazonaws.s3.doc._2006_03_01.*;


AWSAuthConnection aws = new AWSAuthConnection( awsAccessKeyId, awsSecretAccessKey );
AccessControlPolicy acl = aws.getACL( bucket, key );

Maven Dependencies

It did pull in a few deps....



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