So.. I signed up and created a baidu account.

Cool, huh? The UI is a challenge to me, but babelfish helps a lot!

Hopefully I will not be misunderstood when I say: 在天堂之下的所有人是兄弟!



  1. Jazz said

    Brian, my old chum! What a joy to find your blog. And I like your 中文.
    Have you tried Chinese Pera-kun? (in Firefox..)
    Or even better, come and play at ChinesePod!

  2. brianin3d said

    Jazz Macksmith! How about that?! You found my little spot on the internets!

    Isn’t it so cool Chinese and Japanese blogs are going so mainstream?

    There’s a lot of good content there, but my access is limited to the (copious) amounts of code/exceptions in English and what babelfish can do.

    I’ll have to try that Perapera-kun, it looks pretty cool.

    Ahora mi otra idioma es Espanol, y todo mi Japonés se fue (casi)! Si intento estudiar 中文 tambien, no sé qué me pasare!

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