pv3d_haxe as a haxelib

At the risk of overstepping, and with hopes the original author won’t become enraged, I published pv3d_haxe as a haxelib:

% haxelib search pv3d_haxe
1 projects found
% sudo haxelib install pv3d_haxe

I have placed the files pv3d_haxe.zip and testHaxePv3d.zip on googlepages if you’d rather…

You can try my (horrible) test program like so:

% wget http://brianin3d.googlepages.com/orig_testHaxePv3d.zip
% unzip orig_testHaxePv3d.zip
% cd orig_testHaxePv3d
% rm *swf
% haxe TestHaxePv3d.hxml
% ls ${PWD}/*swf

Pull up the .swf file and viola… a really boring solid red cube!

Here are a few more boring things I “fixed”:

/usr/lib/haxe/lib/pv3d_haxe/1,0/org/papervision3d/core/geom/Face3D.hx:220: characters 9-16 : Local variable mapping used without being initialized
/usr/lib/haxe/lib/pv3d_haxe/1,0/org/papervision3d/materials/MaterialsList.hx:185: characters 23-30 : Local variable m used without being initialized
/usr/lib/haxe/lib/pv3d_haxe/1,0/org/papervision3d/objects/Sphere.hx:163: characters 14-18 : Local variable oVtx used without being initialized

I only mention them in passing in case someone takes on this project for real.

Hopefully this will make it a little easier to use original author‘s great work!



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  2. Marko said

    when I open the swfs from the testHaxePV3d.zip then I only see blue background and no red cube!

    The original Author suggested you to port the newest version of papervision3d to haxe (i couldnt read the rest..) … so will you do it?

  3. brianin3d said

    Ouch… that’s my bad… I accidentally overwrote http://brianin3d.googlepages.com/testHaxePv3d.zip with my attempts to use Haxe’s gen-classes functionality. I will update that link tonight

    Here is the original zip http://brianin3d.googlepages.com/orig_testHaxePv3d.zip

    According to what I’ve read on the Haxe mailing list and what Asgard’s response in https://brianin3d.wordpress.com/2008/08/06/gen-hx-classes-papervision3d/ , a port should not be necessary.

    It should be possible to export the symbols from papervision.swf and use them in Haxe.

    The key phrase there is “should be.” I haven’t gotten it to work, but it should work and Asgard sez it works for him.

    If this is the case, then a port to Haxe is probably redundant *and* might even be slower since the claim is that the AS3 compiler produces a faster papervision3d runtime.

    I am still trying to get to the bottom of it which is why I haven’t moved forward on a port. I keep meaning to ping the original author about my indecision, but I would prefer to be able to respond with something more decisive.

  4. niels said

    I miss all that astonishing shadermaterials. weren’t they available during that time you made the port?

    Is there a way to to port pv3d automaticly to haxe?

  5. brianin3d said

    I didn’t actually do the port, I just packaged it and submitted it.

    Yes, you can create a .swf file that uses pv3d and haxe –gen-hx-classes. I didn’t have much luck with it at the time, but I believe there are some tricks to make it work.

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