Haxe + Papervision = Hot damn!



Do the math! I encourage you! Check my figures! Could it really be true?

A google search on haxe+papervision lead me to a mailing list link to HaXe版PaperVision3d, which made me think: yeah! (pronounced “yehah”, not “yee-ay”).

As they say in Finland: let’s get it on!

 % haxe pv3d.hxml 2>&1 | tee e
 org/papervision3d/objects/DisplayObject3D.hx:951: characters 14-18 : In Flash9, null can't be used as basic type Float

Oh, snappity-snapperoo! Wuh happen’d?!

I’m totally gunna use the source, Ben! Thx! You ℛ☉✖✘☮ℜ⚡!

 % vim $( grep -w characters e | cut -f1,2 -d: | sed 's,:, +,' )
 #### this is inside vim:
     private function getScale():Float
        if( this._scaleX == this._scaleY && this._scaleX == this._scaleZ )
            if( Papervision3D.usePERCENT ) return this._scaleX * 100.0;
            else return this._scaleX;
        else return null;   // <--- this is the line

So it’s kvetching about null for Float… whatever… I’ll just change it to be “0”… Changed that in 4-5 places and now the coolio-demo is happy: pv3d_haxe.swf

For some reason, that link is fark-tarded, from googoo, but if you download it and hit if from local it looks kinda like this, but spins like a dervish!

Sweet! This is going to be fun!

IE must be destroyed.



  1. alijaya said

    3d engine in haXe >.<
    great job 😀

  2. brianin3d said

    I can only take credit for pushing it to the haxelib site… The real kudos go to ActionScript3

  3. Max Loren said

    Nice work! Please, add Collada parser or lighting effect in pv3d_haXe :D, and thanks for porting pv3d into haXe 🙂

  4. Our man in Amsterdam said

    This rocks. I’m playing with it. Cheers 😉

  5. brianin3d said

    Excellent! Haxe FTW!

  6. я считаю: прелестно.

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